District Mission & Vision


    The Bayonne Public School District is a large and diverse community which prepares all students to develop their intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, social, and physical abilities, in a safe and welcoming environment. These goals are accomplished by providing outstanding, comprehensive learning opportunities through which students define skills and concepts, acquire knowledge, achieve personal excellence, realize their unique gifts, and become responsible and productive citizens.

    Our mission is to provide a positive school climate and culture which fosters learning, inclusivity, and positive youth development that results in productive and fulfilling lives for every student. We are firm believers in lifelong learning and as such adopted the community education concept which encourages the use of all facilities throughout the year.

    The coordination with community resources, business partnerships, and outside agencies is vital to our commitment of providing the finest educational programs. Our curriculum is a living document that we are constantly updating to include a quality program. We utilize a variety of research-based methods and materials to meet the needs and abilities of our students.

    District Goals to:

    • Meet the needs of our diverse multi-cultural school population through enhancing the positive school climate and the healthy development of our students.
    • Continue to improve student achievement at all grade levels for all students and decrease achievement gaps where they exist.
    • Focus on STEM curriculum and resources to foster critical thinking through problem solving to provide students with an academic edge and prepare them for college and/or a viable career.
    • Improve district communications through the use of the most effective communication tools to help foster successful home, school and community partnerships.
    • Provide ongoing teacher training and professional development.
    • Decrease chronic absenteeism rates to positively impact student achievement.

    We are committed to raising the academic standards through the implementation of the New Jersey Learning Standards. By raising standards and helping students develop critical thinking skills, students will achieve greater academic success. We respect individuality and promote family involvement.

    By working together as a team, we can achieve our goal of providing the best possible educational environment which will foster each child entrusted to our care to reach their fullest potential.