• October

    Director’s Message

    Just as autumn marks the transition from summer to winter, autumn marks the transition from a strong beginning to the continuing work of improving student achievement in the English Language Arts/Literacy Department.  

    Over the last two weeks, all learners were administered the district wide grade level diagnostic test to determine knowledge of individual’s reading  comprehension and writing skills . After seven months of instruction , a post diagnostic test will be administered to determine improvement and academic growth.  

    During the week of October 23rd -27th, the learners in grades three through eight will take the first marking period district grade level assessment. This assessment will test the skills taught during the first marking period.

    In our quest to improve student achievement, teachers lesson planning and classroom instruction will reflect ongoing analysis of data. This data includes the PARCC results, diagnostic assessment, marking period district assessments and both formative and summative  classroom assignments.  Based on all of this data, implementation of best practices for the specific skills needed by our learners will be ongoing and reflected in daily instruction.

    The distribution of individual elementary progress reports will be distributed on October 6th.  Accompanying this report for students in grades three through eight, will be the PARCC English Language Arts/Literacy  Individual Student Report (ISR ).  Explanation of this report can be found on the PARCC website.  Do not hesitate to contact your child (ren ) school for additional clarification.  The individual student report ( ISR ) of every high school learner will be mailed to their residence by the middle of October.

    Until next month let us continue our partnership.


     Nancy J. Ruane

    Director of English Language Arts/Literacy