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 Information for the Academy of Fine Arts and Academics and the application process 
will be available at the
 Academy of Fine Arts and Academics Open House 
on Thursday, October 6th at 6:00 p.m.

The Academy for Fine Arts and Academics offers students an exceptional, individualized education for students committed to their academic achievement.

Academy students follow a specialized course of study designed to prepare 21st Century learners for college and careers. Applicants apply to one of FOUR available tracks:

Scholars Track: Open to students eager to face a challenging curriculum in all honors level courses in preparation for acceptance into our nation’s top colleges and universities.

Arts Track: A unique blend of rigorous academic work and focused study in a specified arts major in preparation for college, conservatory & careers. Majors include: Music, Drama, Musical Theater, Dance, Art and Creative Writing.

STEM Track: For students demonstrating advanced ability and interest in math and science, with an interest in pursuing a future career in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Humanities Track: For students demonstrating advanced ability in English, History, Literature and Writing, with an interest in pursuing a future career in a Humanities or Civics field.
Acceptance into the Academy is based upon multiple criteria, including: student application, teacher recommendations, transcripts and state test scores, audition (Arts Track) and/or interview (Scholars, STEM, Humanities Track). Students must apply and meet district guidelines for honors level courses for Scholars (all four core subjects), STEM (math and science) and Humanities (English and history) tracks.
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Laura Craig
Program Coordinator