• For educational purposes, Fair Use Guidelines were developed so that teachers could share copyrighted materials with their students in the classroom. 
    The Fair Use Guidelines DO NOT extend to materials posted on the Internet.  If you wish to post material that has a copyright © or trademark ™, you must first request and receive written permission to do so. Examples include: 
    • Written materials such as a workbook page or a scanned page(s) from a book or other document 
    • Photograph, cartoon character, cartoon strip, logo, book cover, album cover, poster, or an image that you create by photographing a copyrighted image or find on the Internet or find in a book or other document
    • Music recording, voice recording, multimedia or audiovisual materials 
    **A short quote from a book, novel, or textbook requires proper literary citation only 
    If an individual pays to download a song, voice recording, video, etc., it generally means that it is for individual use only. That does not give the individual automatic permission to upload that same material to a teacher page where it can be seen/heard by millions of people.  While a piece of music may no longer have a copyright, the performer(s) may hold a copyright, which means that permission from the artist is required.  Teachers can provide links to other Internet websites that contain useful information for parents and students. 
    If there is something on a particular website that you would like to appear on your teacher page, link to that website; do not copy a particular image from that website and paste it onto your teacher page.