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    Types of Questions:


    Character          Questions are about characters and character traits.


    Plot                    Questions are about the events in the story.


    Language           Questions are about vocabulary and figurative language.


    Summaries should be focused and include the important details of a text.  Use the following guide words to help your child summarize fiction narratives:  Somebody,Wanted, But, So, Then, FinallyStory elementscharacter(s), setting(s), events (plot), problem,solution, and themeshould be included in their summarySummaries of a nonfiction text should include the main idea (main topic)and supporting details.  When reading a nonfiction text, make sure to pay close attention to all photographs, drawings, tables, graphs and maps.  Read all titles and subtitles as well as captions and labels. These text features give important details about the main idea and help the reader to better understand the topic.


    Before Reading, ask your child some questions. 


    Is this a fiction or nonfiction text? (Real or Imaginary) 

    What comes to mind when you read the title?

    What clues do the pictures (photographs) and illustrations

    give you about the text?


    During Reading, ask your child the following questions.



    Who are the main characters?  Describe him/her/it.

    Who is telling the story?  How can you tell?

    What do you think will happen next?

    Describe the problem for the main character(s).

    How was the problem solved?

    What pictures do you have in your mind as you read?



    What is the main idea? 

    What supporting details give you information about the

      main idea?

    What questions do you have?


    After Reading, have a discussion about the text.



    What did you like or dislike about the story?

    What questions would you ask the author?   

    What amazing adjectives did the author use? Give examples.

    What was the author’s purpose in writing this story?

    What did this story make you think about?



    What new facts did you learn reading this text?

    What was the main idea?

    What questions do you have about the topic?

    What interesting words did you learn?

    How can you apply what you just learned?