• Learning with Legos


    The Bayonne School District Title 1 Academic Interventionists have been incorporating the use of Legos in their language arts and math instructional strategies for a number of years.  Legos are a valuable learning tool in that they give students the opportunity to explore their creativity, strengthen problem-solving skills, and apply the engineering design process either individually or as a team when working on complex challenges.  In language arts, Legos are a springboard for many students who first create a design then are able to write a fiction narrative based on that design. Parent workshops have been held where both parents and children have created a design and wrote original stories together.  Feedback from these workshops have been extremely positive with parents stating how much they loved creating, designing, building, and then writing with their children.


    Some fun facts about Legos (“The Learning Power of Lego”, Education.com, 12/22/10):   


    Legos were named after the Danish phrase “leg godt” or “play well”   


    Since the original patent was filed in 1958, over 400 billion Lego pieces have been made.


    Approximately 7 Lego sets are sold each second!