• apple     Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA3)


    For the 2019-2020 school year, teachers will be administering the Development Reading Assessment (DRA3, Third Edition) to all students in Kindergarten through Grade 3.  The DRA allows teachers to assess and record a child’s reading performance throughout the school year.    Students are given a selection of books to read that allow the teacher to determine the level of a child’s oral reading and comprehension skills.  During the timed oral read, teachers are able to document the reading strategies a student uses as well as substitutions, omissions, insertions, reversals, self-corrections, and any words provided by the teacher (labeled as miscues).  At the end of the oral read, these miscues are analyzed to see if they did or did not interfere with the student’s overall understanding of the text.  After reading, students retell the story.  This retelling is documented using research-based rubrics designed for both fiction and nonfiction texts.  Retellings at Levels 28-48 include both an oral and written response.  An optional reading engagement survey is also included in the DRA3, but not mandatory. This survey gives insight into a child’s reading habits, overall literary experiences, and reading preferences.