• Career Fair

    Once again, the Bayonne Board of Education will be co-sponsoring a Career Fair in conjunction with The City of Bayonne and Hudson County One-Stop Career Center.

    The date is Tuesday, March 10th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM in the Ice Rink.
    Please see the flyer for more information and the link for registration. 
    career and job expo  flyer
    grade 3 walks to school
    Grade 3 Walks to School on October 8, 2019 with the help of the Transportation Management Association
    Parnika Agarwal, Grade 4 student at Horace Mann School was recognized by the Bayonne Board of Education for the following:

    1. She was a finalist in the creation of the cover of a folder that will be given out to all Grade Four students in New Jersey by the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey.The theme was "Fun Things To Do Instead of Drugs".
    2. She won first place in the American Legion coloring contest
    3. She won first place in the calendar contest sponsored by the Hudson County Improvement Authority.
    4. She won first place for her poster in the Fire Prevention Poster Contest in Bayonne.

    HMCS Principal, Dr. Catherine Quinn and Title 1 teacher, Davida Lawsky, received the Gold Level Recognition award for New Jersey Safe Routes to School at a luncheon Awards Ceremony for the Transportation Management Association. 
    Congratulations to the 
    2018-2019 Science Fair Winners 


    GRADE 5:


    1ST PLACE: Nicholas Weimmer - How Does Light Absorption of Different Colors of Light Affect Plant Development in Brassica Rapa?

    2ND PLACE: Billy Jasolosky - What Amount of Liquid When Combined With Milk Will Produce the Best Plastic?

    3RD PLACE: Aiden Skupien - Which Hand Washing Method Kills the Most Germs?


    GRADE 6:


    ***1ST PLACE: Sophie Engdall - Wouldn’t Bioplastic be Fantastic?

    2ND PLACE: Dhruv Shah - How Does Smoking Affect Your Lungs?

    3RD PLACE: Erin McCullough - How Does Fear Affect Your Heart


    GRADE 7:


    ***1ST PLACE: Michael Egan - Which Common Drink Dissolves Over the Counter Medicine the Quickest?

    2ND PLACE: Julia Roszkowski - Which Bridge Design is the Best for Stability?

    3RD PLACE: Brenden Devine - Which Items In the Home Have the Most Bacteria?

    GRADE 8:

    1ST PLACE: Liana Lopez - What is the Best Material for a Mechanical Hand?

    2ND PLACE: Jaiden Garcia - Does Detergent Work Best With Hot, Warm, or Cold Water?

    3RD PLACE: Daneris Miranda - Incandescent or Fluorescent Light: Which is Better for Plant Growth?


    *** Sophie Engdall and Michael Egan will be representing HMCS at the STEM Showcase at the Liberty Science Center.


    Congratulations to the 
    Fire Prevention Poster Winners
    Pictured are (top left to right) Carmelarose Fowler, Liana Leppard, Madison Rodriguez, Anisa Matos, Tyler Soto, Billy Jasolosky
    (bottom left to right)  April Heredia, Parnika Agarwal, Adhia Deenu, Mirola Siha, Zadonni Francisco, Aviv Talmor, Matias Aguilera.
    Missing from the picture are Brooklyn Padilla and Maryam Siddiquie. 

     Division 1 (K-2)                   Division 2 (3-5)

     1st April Heredia   2nd  gr.         1st Parnika Agarwal 4th gr.

                                                        (County Winner)

     2nd Adhia Deenu   2nd  gr.         2nd Zadonni Francisco  5th gr.

     3rd Mirola Siha      2nd  gr.         3rd  Anisa Matos 5th gr.


    Division 3 (6-8) 

    1st Matias Aguilera . (County Winner)

    2nd Carmelarose Fowler

    3rd Tyler Soto


    Honorable Mentions

    Brooklyn Padilla 4th gr.

    William Jasolosky 5th gr.

    Maryam Siddiquie 4th gr.

    Aviv Calzoncit Talmor 6th gr.

    Liana Leppard 7th gr.

    Madison Rodiguez 7th gr.


      Congratulations to the 
    2018 Pumpkin Contest Winners 
     Pumpkin winners
    Caileen & Mikeanna - Boxer Chuck Wepner; Maya - Tigers Cheerleader; Gage - The Giants: The Dead Zone; Lily - Mr. Met; Abdelraham - Football Player; Princess - Football Player.