What is Schoology?

    Schoology is Bayonne Public Schools’ learning management system.  It is changing the way our teachers communicate online with students and families.

    • Teachers may post assignments, messages and calendar items.
    • Schoology allows students and teachers to engage in two-way conversations and class discussions.
    • Teachers can easily share files and links with students, families and fellow teachers.

    Click here to Login

    Staff log into Schoology using their bboed work credentials by visiting bboed.schoology.com

    Schoology recent activity screen shot



    How To Join

    Teachers will be registered automitically to their courses and will login on with their school email and password. Teachers can login bboed.schoology.com

    Students will be registered automatically to their teachers’ courses, and will log on with their school username and password.  Students can login bboed.schoology.com

    Parents and guardians can sign up through Schoology at www.schoology.com and then obtaining their child's Student Access Code which is provided by the classroom teacher.