• Seesaw for Parents and Guardians

    Parents and guardians can create a personal Seesaw account to view different featuers within their child's Seesaw account.

    Seesaw Parent Videos

    What is Seesaw

    Tutorial on the Seesaw Family Applicaiton


    How to create a parent account:


    1. Download 'Seesaw Family' from the App Store or Google Play Store. Don’t have a smartphone? Sign up on a computer at app.seesaw.me.

    2. Tap 'Create Family Account' and scan the QR code on the handout that was provided from your child's classroom teacher. Make sure it says your child's name at the top.  

    3. Create your account to see your child's journal! Make sure to allow notifications to get real-time updates about new posts. 

    4. Need to add multiple children?

      Using the QR Code:

      1. Sign in to your family account.

      2. Tap your profile icon (top left).

      3. Tap “+ Add Child's Journal”.

      4. Scan the QR code for your other child.


      Using the Sign Up Link:

      1. Follow the link on the handout or email.

      2. Choose your child from the list.

      3. Click the "Sign in" tab, instead of creating a new account.

      4. Sign in to your account.

      5. Your child's teacher will need to approve your connection, and once they do, you'll see all updates.


    Below are videos that demonstrate how your child will log into Seesaw for the 1st day of school!