• Bayonne Student Assistance Program

  • Bayonne Student Assistance Program

    What is a Student Assistance Program (SAP)?
    A comprehensive program providing prevention, intervention, support and instructional services for students in the district.  The SAP offers assistance to students troubled by familial, emotional, social, legal, physical, sexual, or substance abuse problems.  The SAP serves as a structured, organized liaison among the school, parents and outside agencies.

    The Student Assistance process promotes healthy, safe and drug-free life-styles along with strength-based approaches in working with youth. Student Assistance Programs utilize existing resources within the school to address school-based concerns, and link students and their families with community resources to provide for needs requiring specialized services.

    What is a Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)?
    Student Assistance Counselors are certified with advanced training and experience in the field of substance abuse and mental health.  SACs coordinate and oversee the overall components of a Student Assistance Program.  SACs are available to provide confidential counseling and referral services for at-risk students and their parents.  The ultimate goal is to empower students to assist in the development and maintenance of a positive school climate.

    Student Assistance Counselors facilitate programming for both parents and students that address issues such as substance abuse prevention and awareness, mental health issues, healthy relationships and coping, student safety, and related topics. 


    Individual/Group Counseling

    SACs facilitate individual/group counseling to support issues such as:

    • Substance Abuse
    • Mental Health issues
    • Adjustment issues
    • Family issues
    • Social issues
    • Diversity/tolerance
    • Eating Disorders
    • Loss/grief


    *Referrals made to SACs and any subsequent information gathered remain confidential.*