669 Avenue A
    Bayonne, NJ 07002
    (Door #3)
    201-437-1479 (9am-3pm) 
    201-858-5895 (3pm-6pm) 

    School Hours


    3:00-6:00PM (Mon-Thurs)

       *Students Age 16 - 21
    2:00-6:00 PM (Mon-Fri)
       *Students Under 16 years old

    Administrators in Charge:

        Ms. Kathy Bingham: kbingham@bboed.org

        Mr. Eric Ryan: eryan@bboed.org



    Guidance Counselors:

        Ms. Maryann Hromy: mhromy@bboed.org




        Mrs. Lauri McGuckin: lmcguckin@bboed.org




    The Bayonne Public School District has recognized the fact that not all students progress, learn or reach their full potential in a traditional classroom environment. Realizing, however, that all students need a sense of importance, a positive self-image, and an awareness that their education is valuable, the Alternative Education Program was designed to meet the needs of these non-traditional students in order to alleviate the effects of disaffection and disruption. It is in the Alternative Education Program that each student is looked upon individually by the entire staff to meet his or her needs and help each student reach a variety of goals.


    Students graduating from BAHS earn a High School Diploma. BAHS is proficiency based, meaning each student works at his or her own pace in each subject until they have successfully completed the course.  Additionally students have the opportunity to complete certain courses online through the Odyssey software program. Teachers are available in each subject for academic support.

    TASC PREP Program (Jersey City, NJ)  www.hcstonline.org/tasctest/tasc-prep.html