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    Hours 7:55am to 2:40pm 
    Thousands of books are on our shelves available for your research needs and reading pleasure!  A modern Computer Lab is here so that you may research your class assignments and print out homework and research projects.  The library staff is happy to answer your questions and assist you with making the best use of resources to complete your assignment and find literary treasure.
    FAQs          Library FAQs
    Use this link to find answers to the most important and frequently asked questions in our library.  Topics include library hours, borrowing procedures, attendance rules, and more.
    Library Catalog
         Library Catalog 
    Click our catalog link to search our complete book list by subject, title, author, or keyword.  We have thousands of fiction, non-fiction and reference books available for your research needs and literary pleasure.
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    Click on our map link for a quick and easy way to find our books by type and call number. 
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          Library Databases 
    Use this database link to discover extensive resource information such as biographies, literary analysis, health research information, news links, and more. 

    lib computers

    Open our page of helpful computer how-to's, such as login notes, printer tips, file saving choices, and email options                                

    helpful websites
    This link lists hundreds of very useful websites that can assist you in your college search, math problem assistance, great literary pages, and more.
    classic books list            Classic Books List   
    Click the link for Classic Books. It is a list of classic treasures that are available to borrow from our high school library. You will delight in stories that have thrilled and enlightened millions of readers.
    know the rules
    Note our list of rules and behaviors for using our resource-rich and beautiful library, so that all visitors may enjoy and be most productive in their educational pursuits.