• GT Meeting
    Nicholas Oresko Community School houses Bayonne's Gifted and Talented Program, which is committed to offering a high level, well-rounded education to an ethnically diverse urban student population.  The school not only prepares students for the technological challenges of the 21st Century, but also offers an accelerated and enriched academic program enhanced by a balanced exposure to the arts.
    • The INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED PROGRAM administers to the needs of students who show a potential for consistently excelling in the academic areas.
    • The ART PROGRAM demonstrates artistic talent and fosters the appreciation for the visual arts through the use of slides, books, reproductions, Internet websites and virtual museums, videos, art museum field trips, and lectures.  A team-teaching approach is taken within social studies classes to interrelate artists and their work with various periods in history.
    • The PSYCHOMOTOR PROGRAM is geared toward developing the talents of the kinesthetically gifted child.  Using this venue to enhance learning in other areas, students use probability and statistics to organize offensive and defensive strategies.  They also use geometry to understand correct use of angles and physics to move more effectively.  This connects mathematical principles to psychomotor activities and gives students tools to refine skills and improve performance.  Rhythmic activity and dance often integrate music and cultural education.  Interpersonal and intrapersonal skill development is inherent in employing good teamwork.  Overall, the psychomotor program focuses on linking theory and practice for maximum educational impact.  
    • The MUSIC PROGRAM develops and showcases vocal and/or instrumental talent.  It offers students the opportunity to perform in the choir and concert band.  The instrumental music program provides students with various opportunities to play and learn music.  The goal of the instrumental music program is to teach students the fundamentals of music and how to effectively perform in an ensemble.
    • The ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE PROGRAM offers students the opportunity to use critical thinking skills to find solutions to environmental problems focusing on habitat loss, endangered species, global warming, and ozone depletion.  Further examples of this innovative educational method are the annual 5th grade three-day whale watching exploration to Massachusetts and the 8th grade three-day trip to the Pocono Environmental Educational Center.
    Students at Oresko School are offered numerous enrichment opportunities of the highest quality.  In order to meet the needs of each student, the GIFTED AREA PROGRAM (GAP) has been established.  GAP courses address each student's particular talent that was identified at enrollment.  Two times a week, students are given the opportunity to diverge from their regular compacted curriculum and devote time to enriching their artistic, musical, or psychomotor abilities.  After completing interest inventories, the designated intellectually gifted students are placed in either math, science, social studies, or language arts classes.  These courses, which employ the multiple intelligences approach, combined with cooperative learning, encompass a wide variety of thematic topics allowing students to explore, discover, share, and create.  GAP courses change each marking period in order for students to have maximum exposure to a variety of academic challenges.