P.G.Vroom Community School 
    "Home of the Dragons"  
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    18 West 26th Street, Bayonne, NJ 07002
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    Welcome Vroom School Family!  
    Please review important correspondence in the Digital Backpack located to the left of this homepage.  
    Mrs. Stacey Janeczko, Principal
     Mrs. Sandra D'Angelo, School Counselor/Anti-Bullying Specialist
    Allison Conway <aconway@bboed.org>
    Ms. Allison Conway, School Nurse
    201-858-5958  aconway@bboed.org
    Mrs. Barbara Weaver, School Secretary
    Congratulations! 2020 Teacher of the Year- Donna Gurkas!


    The mission of Philip G Vroom Community School, in conjunction with the parents and the community, is to provide a safe and inclusive educational environment that fosters personal and interpersonal growth, lifelong learning and a strong sense of community.  By promoting equal educational opportunities for all students, we will strive to improve student achievement in a caring and welcoming environment.

    Our Motto:

    “Vroom School, Where We Study Not For School But For Life”