BHS Drama Society presents


    Cast List

    Thank you to everyone for auditioning for CLUE. Your talent, courage

    and enthusiasm are truly appreciated. With such a large number of

    students auditioning, the casting process was ​exceptionally​ difficult.

    I am grateful for your efforts.

    - Mr. Wahlers


    Scarlet                Katie Harrigan

    Peacock              Gabby Nono

    White                  Beth Hanna

    Green                  Jack Engdall 

    Plumb                 Antony Erian

    Wadsworth         Dominick Velez

    Col. Mustard       Ricky Malia

    Yvette                 Allyssa Kearns


    Motorist              Samuel Clappsy

    Boddy                  David Ayed

    Cop                      Gilbert Diaz

    Reporter             Jovanna Abdou

    FBI Agent           Damon Porter

    Telegram            Serena Perez




    Clue Performances

    March 8, 9 @ 7pm

    March 10 @ 2pm 


    Mamma Mia