World Language Honor Society

  • Requirements for Induction into the World Language Honor Society

    • Students must be enrolled in a 3rd or 4th level language class.
    • Students must have an overall academic average of 90 or better in the WL course
    • Students must have an overall academic average of 85 or better in all other courses
    • Students must be in compliance with all BHS policies and regulations.
    • Students must not be failing any courses at the time of application
    • Students must have completed Service Learning hours

    Honor Society applications will be given out to interested students in FEBRUARY of each year. Students should see their WL teacher for applications.

    It is the student's responsibility to fill out Section 1 of the application form. It is also the student's responsibility to get the necessary signatures from his/her VP/Dean for Section 2. Students must then return the application to their WL teacher no later than TBA


    Students will be notified by mail if they meet the requirements.

    The World Language Honor Society Induction ceremony will take place TBA