The original No. 1, a two story brick building located at the north end
    of our school yard facing uptown, opened in the spring of 1876.

    It had a population of 217 students.

    Our present school building was erected south

    of the original No.1, facing Ave. C.

    The school was named Henry E. Harris in honor of the educator

    who served as principal for 43 years.

    It was dedicated in 1921.


    A new wing added in 1975, added 5 new classrooms,

    including a new science lab,

    music and art rooms, office space for a Child Study Team

    and an expanded library and media center. A second addition in 1999,

    added 9 more classrooms, resulting in two new pre-kindergarten

    classrooms, the two half day kindergartens becoming full day,

    and 6 more special needs classes.

    From its original 217, the population has grown to over 650 students.


    The school colors are blue and white.

    The school motto is Pride, Tradition and Spirit.

    The eighth grade ring is silver with a blue stone in the middle.

    The school song is Hail to Henry Harris School.