• Welcome to a New School Year


    Welcome to a new school year and a new year of PTA. As you start the
    year, remember that our focus is children; the children in your home, the
    children in our school and the children in our community. If this is your
    first year at Henry E. Harris, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to
    each of you. If you are a "seasoned" Hawk family, I know that you are as excited as we are to be starting the school year up again.

    I am so proud and honored to volunteer as your PTA President this year
    with an amazing group of parent volunteers, a dedicated PTA Executive
    Board, wonderful teachers, and a Principal who truly believes in the
    education of our students. As I embark on my 2nd term as your PTA
    President, I am looking forward to continuing the working partnerships
    previous administrations have established to provide an excellent learning experience for our children.

    But we can’t do it alone. I encourage each and every one of you to become
    a part of our team. The number one reason to join the PTA is to benefit the
    children. In doing so, you also help us. For the PTA to be effective and
    truly representative of the school, everyone’s participation is essential.
    Many parents feel that they cannot participate in the PTA because they
    cannot come to meetings or volunteer during the day. We want everyone to
    feel that they are part of the Henry E. Harris community. Whether you have
    30 minutes or a couple of hours, your ideas, your time, your talents and
    your VOICE are all truly needed. We can match your time constraints and
    interests to needed tasks. There are endless possibilities in the ways you
    can help. As we all live busy day to day lives, this year we will be hosting all PTA meetings virtually via Zoom.

    Below you will find a link to become a member using Google Forms. It is
    quick and easy to join!

    We will be using Google Forms for our PTA

    volunteer sign-ups. We will accept all membership payments via Zelle,
    Venmo, and CaspApp. Be on the lookout for emails and texts about our

    upcoming events!

    Please email hehpta@gmail.com with any questions you may have, and
    follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HenryHarrisPTA for
    upcoming information and events. I look forward to a great school year!

    Jenna Milachouski


    Henry E. Harris PTA Executive Board 2022-2023

    President – Jenna Milachouski
    Vice Presidents – Yesenia Rogers
    Treasurer – Kristin Felline
    Secretary – Judy Burke