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    Off to a Good Start

    Cooperation between the home and school is essential.

    The teachers would appreciate your help with the following:
    • Develop the habit of reading to your child for about 15 minutes everyday.
    • Make sure that the school uniform is worn daily.

    • Label all school clothing and belongings with the child’s name and room number.

    • Notify your child’s teacher if another child’s belongings are brought home by mistake, and send them back.

    • Allow plenty of time before school for breakfast and toileting.

    • Help your child to form the habit of getting to school on time.

    • Get acquainted with his/her teacher. Plan to attend meetings that will be held.

    • Check each evening to see if any notes/notices have been sent home in your child’s book-bag.

    • Send money in envelopes with your child’s name, room number, amount enclosed, and what the money is to be used for (example: field trip, various fundraising).

    • Show your child how to zip, button, and snap clothing and how to tie shoes.

    • Teach your child his/her full name, address, telephone number and birthday.

    • Show him/her the safest route from home to school

    • Help your child to learn to listen.

    • Develop good eating habits.

    • Establish an early bedtime with quiet time before retiring. 
    • Limit the amount and types of TV programs that your child watches.

    • Please discuss what your child sees on TV with him/her.

    • Stress the proper grip when holding crayons, markers and pencils.

    • Encourage your child to think for himself/herself.

    • Develop responsibility for care of toys and other belongings.

    • Help your child to develop good manners.

    • Please do not do everything for your child. Allow him/her some freedom to develop independence and to make choices.
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