• Grade 5
    This year's Math in Focus, Grade 5 covers from addition and subtraction of whole numbers to surface area and volume of three dimensional shapes.  The online textbook virtually displays book pages and student resources, such as videos and activities, and worksheets.  Each chapter offers student practice, internet resources, and lesson resources.  You must have a username and password ready for login to access the online textbook.  Click on the link below to access your online textbook now!
    In addition, Khan Academy is an online site that provides free video tutorials on various Grade 5 contents, interactive web assessments and practices, and online lessons that are aligned to the Common Core Curriculum Standards.  Check out our Khan Academy archive below by visiting our Khan Academy Link Library.  
    Don't forget to visit the parent portal and math faculty webpages to keep up with daily activities.
    Every summer, we advise that you continue to master basic math vocabulary and arithmetic skills by completing our Summer Bridges.  Click on the link below to download and complete the Summer Bridges.  Hand it in on the first days of school, and you are all ready to begin the year in the right path!
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