Director's Message


    Dear Friends,


    What feels like the end is often a beginning. That is true in many things, but especially in education, where June brings the end of the school year, the onset of summer, the start of plans for next year, and the dawning of opportunities to build on what you have learned.


    So let me begin this end of year note with a simple statement of thanks to our teachers, staff, students, and parents. I urge all of you to celebrate your own accomplishments but to take time to thank those who helped you get there as well. Whatever we have accomplished this year we rest it upon the collaboration and cooperation of our teachers, staff, students and parents, the four pillars of our success.


    Having alluded to the sunrise of our shared opportunities, we close with a reference to the other end of the day—as this school year ends, I see our collective achievement in vivid color and your individual successes splashed in intense tones, reminding me that sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful.


    Enjoy the end of the school year, and your summer.




    Monica Flynn