Director's Message



    Dear Learning Partner,


    There is an old saying that begins “March comes in like a lion...,” and we in the World Language Department say “than it must be the time to hear us roar.”


    We find the most to celebrate in National Foreign Language Week, which is March 4-10, 2019. Students will decorate the high school bridge and doors to Language classrooms depicting the cultures they are learning the language of. There are things that you can do at home to celebrate other languages and cultures. Here are a few suggestions that families can do at home:


    • Encourage your children to teach you what they have learned in World Language.
    • Help your child see words in other languages on product labels, newspapers, signs or magazines.
    • Listen to music, watch movies and read books in One of our World Languages
    • Try a new recipe from another country, or try a restaurant that serves traditional foods from other countries.
    • Label your home with words in other languages—and try using those words in conversation this week!
    • Share travel stories or things you have learned from people or other cultures with your family.


    So continue to partner with us on our journey through the school, and enjoy the approaching Spring.



    Very truly yours,

    Monica Flynn