PARCC Practical Tips 
     1.  Essay Fields:  When being asked to write an essay, students need to know that the small text field box can hold more than what they see. They should write as much as they think they need to give a good response.  The box will expand as they type.
    2.  Scroll bars in test windows:  Some test items have information in a window-within-a-window. These are usually items with more information than displays within the window. Students need to understand that they should use the scroll bars to scroll within these sections. Otherwise, they may miss important information.
    3.  Tab with additional Information for Test Items: Some test items will provide a window within the test item that has multiple tabs. Students need to be aware that they should click on all tabs to review information for the test items.
     4.  Multiple Choice versus Multiple Select: Some test items will ask students to choose one answer, while others will ask students to select more than one answer. Students need to read directions carefully to be sure that they know when to select more than one answer for an item
     5.  Test Tools: Students need to be aware that the tools in the toolbar at the top of the screens do not submit their answers for them. They are only tools to help them determine an answer that they must then enter in the prescribed manner of the question. 
    For example, if a student finds the answer to a math question using the calculator, to successfully submit the answer they will either still need to enter it into a text field, select the answer from a list of items, select the answer from a drop-down menu, etc. 
    A second example can be found when students use the eliminator tool on a test item. Using the eliminator tool allows students to cross off possible answers. The students still must select the correct answer to successfully complete the item.
    6. Student Login Invalid:
    On a Chromebook, students who did not follow directions and logged into their Google account, when they tried to login to TestNav got a username and password error.  Log the student out of their google account.  Click on the word Apps on main screen, then have them login with their student PARCC login.
    Another way you get this error is if the teacher did not start the exam in Pearson Access.  Teachers must start the class exam before children can log into TestNav.   

    Error Code Troubleshooting