Bayonne School District

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Learn360 is an interactive media-on-demand video steaming service for K-12 education, providing teachers with video and learning materials to assist in all areas of your curriculum. Through streaming video, audio and accompanying support materials, Learn360 supports web-based learning. All content is correlated to State and Common standards, as well as 21st century learning.  You can also create logins for students so they can access the videos on their own.  Links to create student accounts are listed in the attached spreadsheet. 

Below are the school specific links to create your teacher login for Learn 360
Please create your login using your BBOED email (i.e and create your own unique password.

If you are new to the district or have not created your Learn 360 login, please use the correct link below for your payroll school.  Under title please select:  TEACHER - Make sure under Location it has your payroll school listed

If you attempt to create an account and are told an account already exists with that login please use the password recovering link below.  You will be sent an email to reset your Learn 360 login.
Once logged in, there are multiple instructional videos to assist you further in Learn 360.  Please click the link below to get to their instructional videos.
Student Logins:

Philip G. Vroom SchoolStudents|13835641
Walter F. Robinson SchoolStudents|13835638
Washington Community SchoolStudents|13835639
Woodrow Wilson SchoolStudents|13835640