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    The Title 1 Parent Resource Center at your child's school has a number of materials that parents of Title 1 children may borrow. 


    BACKPACKS, Grades K-2:  There are a number of backpacks available that focus on both Language Arts and Math activities.  Each backpack contains activities, games, and manipulatives that help strengthen both literacy and math skills.  In addition, there are a number of backpacks that include science activities.


    Books available to borrow include:


    ELEPHANT AND PIGGIE SERIES:  This popular series of books by children’s author Mo Willems (www.mowillems.com) focuses on the adventures and hilarious conversations between the two main characters, Elephant and Piggie. 



    WE BOTH READ Books, Grades K-3:  These books enable both the parent and child to read together. Each book is formatted for both parent and child to take turns reading. Text on the left side is for parents to read, while text on the right side is to be read by your child.  The WE BOTH READ series contains both fiction and nonfiction selections and are targeted for children in Kindergarten through Grade 3. 


    WE READ PHONICS:  This series of books is for our beginning readers in Kindergarten through Grade 2.  The WE READ PHONICS series consists of seven reading levels, with Level 1 containing decodable stories containing 60 to 80 words with a focus on short “a” and “i”, progressing to Level 7 where stories contain 350-450 words, focusing on vowel combinations.  In addition, each book contains phonics games for parents and children to enjoy playing together.


    HALF AND HALF:  This series of books pairs two texts on the same topic.  The first half of the book is a fictional story, while the second half contains nonfiction information on the same topic.  For example, the Swimming with Dolphins selection begins with the fictional story “S.O.S. Dolphin” which is a tale about a boy and his father realizing a dolphin, which they initially thought was about to attack them, was, in fact, asking for help.  The young boy, Pablo, wants to help the dolphin, but now can’t find his dad.  The second half of the book contains facts about dolphins that include interesting information about their social behavior and how they communicate.


    YOU READ TO ME, I’LL READ TO YOU:  This clever series of books is designed for readers to take turns reading.  The color-coded text prompts readers to remember when it is their turn to read.  Each book contains 8 to 12 stories.


    PHOTO ADVENTURE BOOKS:  Each book contains a fiction story about a baby animal, with facts about each animal included throughout each story.



    If you would like to borrow any of these materials, send a note to your child's Title 1 teacher stating you would like to borrow materials from the Title 1 Parent Resource Center.