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    Parent Involvement is an integral and essential component of the Bayonne School District’s Title 1 Program.  Title 1 Academic Interventionists in all elementary schools hold Title 1 Parent Information Meetings, giving parents the opportunity to hear, in detail, the components of the program, meet their child’s Title 1 Academic Interventionist, ask questions, and receive clarification with any concerns.  In addition, parents are asked for their input and suggestions as to how the parent involvement component of the District’s Title 1 Program can be improved.  Parent input is highly valued and necessary to the success of the program.  At the scheduled November Parent-Teacher conferences, Title 1 Academic Interventionists meet with parents individually or together with classroom teachers to discuss a child's individual strengths and identify those areas that require further reinforcement. 

    Title 1 parent workshops are being held in all elementary schools throughout the school year.  These workshops take place after school or in the evening with the goal to accommodate parent work schedules, giving them the opportunity to learn strategies they can implement at home with their children to further strengthen reading, writing, and math skills.   Our Title 1 Academic Interventionists have a wealth of resources and manipulatives available for parents to borrow from the Title 1 Parent Resource Centers.   In addition, the Title 1 Website is a valuable resource for educational websites and book suggestions for both language arts and math.   

           Woodrow Wilson Community School (WWCS) hosted its first 2019-20 workshop for Kindergarten parents and their children on October 16th from 6-7pm.  A total of 20 participants (parents and their children) attended the Math and Literacy Make-and-Take workshop facilitated by WWCS Title 1 Academic Interventionists Gina Puchinsky and Judy Czachur.  Parents and their children made Math and Literacy file folder games, Alpha Animals and Pumpkin Math (pictured below), that could be used at home for skill reinforcement.


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