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Parent Involvement is an integral and essential component of the Bayonne School District’s Title 1 Program.  This past October, Title 1 teachers in all elementary schools held Title 1 Parent Information Meetings, giving parents the opportunity to hear, in detail, the components of the program, meet their child’s Title 1 teacher, ask questions, and receive clarification with any concerns.  In addition, parents were asked for their input and suggestions as to how the parent involvement component of the District’s Title 1 Program can be improved.  Parent input is highly valued and necessary to the success of the program.  At the November Parent-Teacher conferences, Title 1 teachers met with parents individually or together with classroom teachers to discuss individual student strengths and identify those areas that require further strengthening and reinforcement. 

Title 1 parent workshops are being held in all elementary schools throughout the school year.  These workshops take place after school or in the evening, with the goal to accommodate parent work schedules giving them the opportunity to learn strategies they can implement at home with their children to further strengthen reading, writing, and math skills.   Our Title 1 teachers have a wealth of resources and manipulatives available for parents to borrow from the Title 1 Parent Resource Centers.   In addition, the Title 1 Website also lists useful sites for both language arts and math.  I urge you to take advantage of these resources and look forward to seeing you at the parent workshops.

Dr. Alaina Desjardin
Director of Research, Planning, and Evaluation
Assessment and Accountability

The following are photos from 2016-2017 Title One Parent Workshops:

Henry Harris School Parent Workshop 2016
Henry Harris    <---Click on the link to see what is happening at Henry Harris!


Woodrow Wilson Community School Title 1 Parent Workshop 2016
 legos    legos       legos
 Title 1 Parent Workshop at Horace Mann Community School

On the early evening of January 24, 2017, the Title I teacher, Mrs. Davida Lawsky and the 4th Grade Science teacher, Mrs. Megan Nolan, of Horace Mann School, presented a S.T.E.A.M. workshop for Title I students and their parents.  Ten families attended. Mrs. Nolan read the story ALEXANDER WHEN HE WAS RICH LAST SUNDAY.  Mrs. Lawsky then explained the sign that read “Engineering Design Process”.  The parents and students were told to follow the steps of the process in order to create a box to hold $1.00 in assorted coins for Alexander.  After creating the boxes the students decorated them with a variety of materials that were available.  As each family completed the box its strength was tested by its ability to hold the bag of coins equaling  one dollar.  Each box was constructed differently, but each box held the coins. The two teachers along with Dr. Quinn, the principal, enjoyed watching the fun the families were having together.




Henry E. Harris School

Interactive Math Title I Parent Workshop

Presented by Title 1 Teacher, Ms. Rose Jacobson


Parents worked in learning centers with their child.  The centers familiarized the parents with the small group instruction their child receives from the Title I teacher.  Parents also learned games to help their child practice math skills at home.


Center 1

Apps for Learning

Parents explored the Apps that are used in small group instruction according to their child’s grade level. Apps Included: (K-Hungry Guppy, Math Lab K, Splash Math  GR 1- Math Lab 1, Math Puppy, More or Less, Splash Math GR 2- Math Puppy, Motion Math, Telling Time  GR 3/4- 12x12 MultiGenius, Telling Time, Sushi Math,  Wonder Math3rd)


Center 2

Subtraction Smash

Roll one dice and then make that number of playdough balls on the five/ten frame. If playing with a friend, compare who has more or less.  If playing independently, you can record in a notebook.  Students could even determine how many more to make 5 or 10 by counting on.


Center 3

Multiplication War

 One deck of cards, in a group of three (2 players, 1 judge); parents/students played the card game war (split the deck, pull a card, but the first student to say the correct product wins the cards).  Memorizing multiplication facts is essential for continued math success.


Center 4

Dice Addition

Take turns rolling two dice, or one dice twice. Record the numbers on a sheet and add them up.  To make it more fun, two students can race to see who finishes a sheet first correctly.


Center 5

Remainders Wanted

This game is a fun way for students to practice dividing two and three digits, by one-digit divisors. Two players use long division to solve equations Players take turns covering a number on the game board with a counter, rolling the dice and dividing the number covered by the number on the dice. The remainder is the students’ score for that round. Play continues until all of the students’ counters have been used (ten rounds). Students add their scores for all of the rounds. The student with the highest score wins.


Learn to Use Quizlet Title 1 Parent Workshop at Robinson Community School

On Tuesday, December 6th, Title 1 Teacher, Mrs. Eleni Verardi, held a parent workshop focusing on using the website Quizlet.  Historical figures and more can all be learned using this website.  Quizlet allows you to create a profile and input the information your child needs to study.  This information is used to create flashcards, a matching game, and even on-line tests.  Studying can be made easier and less stressful using Quizlet.  At the workshop, parents of 3rd and 4th grade students created individual online Quizlet accounts and their first study set.  I-Phone and iPAD users took a moment and downloaded the APP to their devices.  Parents brought a spelling list, set of vocabulary definitions, study notes, and other curriculum-related materials to the workshop.  Using Chrome Books, a relevant study set was created that their children could begin using immediately.


Learning with Legos, Nicholas Oresko School Title 1 Parent Workshop 

 Presenters:  Miss Samantha Christie & Miss Tina Ozmanski 

On Tuesday, December 20th, a hands-on parent workshop was held at Nicholas Oresko School for both parents and children.  The workshop focused on how the Lego “hands on, minds on” approach strengthens writing skills.  Students and their parents used Legos to build scenes and create characters. 


Reading Together Title 1 Parent Workshop at Washington Community School 

On February 3rd, Title 1 Teacher, Mr. Neal Kiniery, and Grade 4 Teacher, Mrs. Kerry Fisher, held a parent workshop at Washington Community School designed around a PowerPoint slideshow from Treasure Bay.  The primary focus of this workshop was on maximizing the benefits of parents reading with their children.  Information on reading together included the importance of reading with your child, tips for selecting books, how to get started, different read-together formats, and what to do during and following reading.  The workshop described how to use the We Both Read book series so parents could benefit from selecting books to read with their children.  Examples of different reading strategies modeled for parents included:  Choral Reading, Echo Reading, Shared or Paired Reading, and Suggested Books for Practice.


The goal was to foster a love for reading and provide a bonding experience between the child, parent, and the book, as the child transitions to independent reading.  Reading with your child gives them the opportunity to practice and give supportive feedback when comprehension and vocabulary need clarification.  This also allows the opportunity to model fluency and expression, so children become more inflectional readers.  The bottom line is that reading together will help your child to read sooner and better, and help them to develop a love of reading.


Resources for You! Title 1 Parent Workshop at Mary J. Donohoe School  

Title 1 Teacher Angela Laszkow and Grade 4 Science & Math Teacher, Giuseppina Walsh, held a Title 1 Parent Workshop for Kindergarten through Grade 4 students and parents on Monday, December 19th, in the MJD Computer Lab.  Focus was on the technology used to connect parents to their school community.  The presentation showed how to navigate the many features of the Bayonne Board of Education website that are available to parents.  This included the BBOED.ORG Homepage Calendar/Upcoming Events and Announcements; the links available on the Mary J. Donohoe Community School website; teacher websites; links with resources available on the Title 1 website; and, the Title 1 Twitter page.  In addition, parents learned about what the Title 1 Parent Resource Center has to offer to enhance their child’s learning at home. 




Midtown Community School Title 1 Parent Workshop 

On Thursday, December 15, 2016, Title 1 Teachers Carmella Fiore, Gina Ivory, Kristi Singer, and Rebecca Tomace held a Title 1 Parent Workshop for Kindergarten through Grade 4 children and their parents.  Workshop attendees were introduced to resources that the Title 1 Parent Resource Center offers.  Parents and their children worked together using the available materials.  In addition, parents were given helpful study habit tips that would benefit their children.


LEGO Parent Workshop at Horace Mann Community School 

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 at Horace Mann Community School enjoyed a LEGO workshop given by Mrs. Lawsky, Ms. Linder, and Mrs. Nolan. They listened to the story of The Great Kapok Tree and created their own idea of a rainforest using LEGOS. All students and parents had a great time!