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Learning With Legos



            During the 2015-2016 school year, Title 1 Teachers Gina Puchinsky and Judy Czachur piloted a program where their students created narratives using LEGOs.   Incorporating the LEGO “hands-on, minds-on” approach to strengthening writing skills, students used LEGO bricks to build scenes, include characters, using their creations as the foundation for writing narratives and developing their writing voice.  During the initial weeks, these young writers built and designed their individual LEGO creations.  Students were engaged, motivated, and eager to write and share their stories.  An environment of collaboration and sharing was evident as students discussed storylines with each other as they built their scenes, outlined their story structure, and drafted individual narratives.  Student-teacher conferences were ongoing throughout the process, with discussion focusing on character development, problem and resolution, language, and story organization and structure.  With final revisions and edits complete, each writer received a typed version of their story with an accompanying photograph of their LEGO creation.

            Building on the success of this pilot program, the decision was made to incorporate LEGOs into both the Language Arts and Math content areas in all Title 1 schools.  The Story Starter set contains 1,144 Lego elements that include characters, animals, basic bricks, and building plates as well as the Story Starter Community and Fairy Tale Expansion Packs.  The WeDoMath Kits include LEGO system building elements, medium motors and sensors, incorporating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and coding elements with the goal to strengthening student critical analysis and problem solving skills.  Title 1 teachers will be using the LEGO Story Starter and WeDoMath components with their students in a small group setting.

               Following are LEGO programs taking place at schools throughout the Bayonne School District during the 2016-2017 school year.
                 Legos at Henry Harris School
Legos        Legos       Legos   
 Mrs. Kazimar's Second Grade Class
#1 School
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Henry Harris Grade 3