Director's Message

  • A Message from the Director


             Welcome to a new school year and to the Bayonne School District’s Title 1 Program.  The Title 1 Program offers children in-class support in reading, writing, and math from Kindergarten through Grade 4 in a small group setting.

             With a Doctorate in Business Administration, Master of Arts in Teaching and Public Administration, and Science in Urban Affairs, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in my role as Director of Research, Planning and Evaluation.  My teaching experience includes having been a Grade 4 Teacher in the Bayonne School District for a number of years.   Presently, I teach at the college level, preparing education majors for their role as future educators.  A lifelong learner, I am passionate about teaching and dedicated to the success of the Bayonne community’s educational needs.

    This school year, we are fortunate to have had the opportunity to increase the number of certified Title I teachers in our elementary schools.  Please note that all Title I Teachers hold Parent Information Meetings during the month of October at their individual schools.  This is an opportunity to learn more about the Title I program as well as have any questions answered.  In addition, Title I teacher will be having parent workshops throughout the school year.  Flyers will be sent home in a timely manner, informing you of the date and time.  All Title I teachers regularly update their websites.  These websites can be accessed through your school's website through the faculty link.  In addition, our Title I Department site can be accessed through the Bayonne Board of Education web page.  These websites give detailed information about the Title I program as well as offer educational resources that will help to strengthen your child's reading, writing, and math skills.


    Dr. Alaina Desjardin

    Director of Research, Planning and Evaluation

    Assessment and Accountability