Healthier Generation at Henry E. Harris Community School




    Henry E. Harris School is the recipient of the Bronze Award

    Winner of Healthier Generation! 

    Healthier Generation


    Here at Henry E. Harris School we create an environment to empower kids to develop, lifelong healthy habits. That is why we chose to adopt the Alliance for a Healthier Generations framework for healthier students. For more information regarding Healthier Generation check them out!




    Policies and Procedures


    Henry E. Harris School has created school policies aligning the Alliance for a Healthier Generation standards to our every day school environment.  


    1.) Our School prohibits using physical activity and withholding physical education class as a punishment.  This prohibition is consistently followed.


    2.) Our School prohibits withholding recess as punishment.  This prohibition is consistently followed.


    3.) Our School prohibits giving students food as a reward and withholding food as punishment.  The prohibition is consistently followed.


    4.) All foods and beverages served and offered to students during the school day must meet or exceed the USDA's Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards. .  Please see "School Snack, a Guide" below for more information.



     School Snacks A Guide 



    School snacks must conform to the USDA guidelines, which include calorie limits, sugar caps, and nutrient requirements.

    • Calorie Limits: All snacks, including accompaniments like butter and cream cheese, must have no more than 200 calories per serving.
    • Fat Ceilings: Fat must make up no more than 35% of the total calorie count, with saturated fat content at less than 10% and trans fat content at 0.  Shoot for less than 35 calories of fat per 100 calories of food.
    • Only 35% (or less) of the weight in any snack food may come from sugar. 
    • Nutrient Requirements: In order to meet the USDA's guidelines, snacks must either be rich in whole grains, contain at least a quarter cup of fruit and/or vegetable, have a fruit, vegetable, protein food, or dairy product as the first ingredient, or contain 10% or more of the percent daily value of potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin D, or calcium.


    The Bayonne BOE follows guidelines from the USDA in relation to healthy snacks.  It is important that parents become a partner in providing healthy alternatives! 



    Is your child having a birthday party and would like to celebrate in school?  Henry Harris Community School allows only USDA approved snacks for these celebrations! Let's get healthy together!