Bayonne High School Band





    Through multiple ensembles, instrumental music students will be able to perform in a variety of ways. The Bayonne High School Band program allows students to improve upon their playing, learn new techniques, step out of their comforts zones, and try new things. Through band, students will play in a variety of genres, learn about music theory, and even prepare for studying music in college, if they are interested. Being a member of an ensemble means joining a team of people who use their talents to reach the goal of expressing, performing, and moving people with music.


    Offered Ensembles:

    Concert Band - This ensemble is offered during school hours, periods 3 & 7. In this class, students will explore music of a variety of genres, styles, and eras of music. Students will learn about prominent composers and their contributions to music. They will explore ideas such as ensemble sound, blend and balance, intonation, dynamics, articulation, and so much more. The ensemble will be challenged to work together to achieve the common goal of performing in concerts. Our winter concert will be held on December 14 at 6:30pm! 


    Jazz Band - Directed by Ms. Katrina Kleinmann (kkleinmann@bboed.org). The jazz band rehearses in the evenings Mondays and Wednesdays and before school Fridays. Auditions are being held Monday, 102 from 6-9. Sign up sheets are outside of Ms. Hitchell's room (6144).

    Marching Band - In marching band, students will have the opportunity to explore playing and marching as a unit. Students are challenged to play music from memory, march in time and together and learn new techniques. Marching band meets at night on Tuesdays and Thursdays for rehearsal. The marching band also performs at the football games, competitions, exhibitions, community events, parades, and more. 


    Concert Band Grading:

    Performance: 60%

    • Concert attendance. Students will receive a grade for their attendance and performance at concerts/performances.

    • Class participation/effort in rehearsals. Grades will be given on a weekly basis for in-class rehearsals.

    • Participation, preparedness, and attendance for performance studies lessons. Grades will be given based on student effort and readiness for their performance studies lessons. Lesson dates and times will be given to students in the first few weeks of school (they will be taken out of lunch).

    Classwork/Homework: 40%

    • Written/non-written assessments including, but not limited to, sight-reading assignments, part checks, and playing tests.

    • Class work and assignments.

    • Any tests or quizzes given in class.

    • Any homework assignments.

    • PRACTICING AT HOME! Students at the high school level should be practicing

      5 days a week for an hour each. You will be very impressed with your

      progress if you put in this time.

    • Composer/Word of the Day assignments – students will be given an assignment to research a composer or musical term and present to the class at least once a marking period. This will count as a homework assignment.

    Extra Credit:

    • Extra credit assignments are available (posted and/or announced in class.) Students may present extra credit proposals at any time. Any extra credit proposals must be approved by Ms. Hitchell.


    About the Director:

    Ms. Hitchell has always loved creating music. From the second she started playing recorder in 3rd grade, she couldn't get enough. In 4th grade, Ms. Hitchell played the violin and switched over to the clarinet in the 5th grade, which became her primary instrument. Ms. Hitchell always knew she wanted to teach and finally decided on a career in music education her sophomore year of high school.

    Ms. Hitchell is a proud alumnus of Bayonne High School! Having been a member of the band from 7th-12th, she has seen firsthand the positive impact this program leaves on students and their musical and personal development. After high school, Ms. Hitchell attended the University of Delaware for a degree in music education. During her time at UD, Ms. Hitchell participated in many ensembles including the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Clarinet Choir, Concert Choir, and Vocal Point (a co-ed a Cappella group). Performing music has brought her to many places, however, the best traveling experience she had was going to Taiwan to perform with the UD Wind Ensemble. 

    Music has taught Ms. Hitchell so much about herself, her world, and her history. She believes that learning is to continue throughout one's lifetime and hopes to instill this thought and a passion for music in her students!


    Concert Band Syllabus