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  • Musical Theatre is a tough business.  It takes years of dedication and disciplined practice to develop a versitile "triple threat" performer that can sing, act and dance.  Training in each of those disciplines must be comprehensive so that the performer can thrive in many different genres of music, theatre and dance.  And that is only the beginning.  Special skills such as tumbling and proficiently playing a musical instrument are now regularly a part of the working actor's resume.  In the BHS Musical Theatre program, we train artists.  Rather than copying the style and sound of another performer, our students work to find their own voice, literally and figuratively.  They ask questions of the world and themselves and rise to the challenge of discovering their art.  They graduate with a strong foundation in Musical Theatre technique and performance as well as a clear understanding of the purpose art and it's influence on history and culture.

    In short...they DO THE WORK.




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    It's A Wonderful Life Radio Play Poster

    “It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play” is based on the classic holiday movie with a clever twist thrown in. It’s a Wonderful Life is about the life of George Bailey, a generous and well-meaning man who has become too downcast and tired to continue living. It will take help from a lovable angel to show George what life would be like if he wasn’t born for George to have a change of heart and understand the true spirit of the holidays.  Featuring Bayonne students, faculty, administration and community leaders, this virtual production will remind you of the spirit of community and the spirit of the holiday season.




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    This year's Performing Arts College Fair is vritual.  While we will miss the experience of meeting face to face with college recruiters, the virtual platform expands the already sizeable number of schools that attend. Admissions representatives from more than 600 college and university programs from the US and the UK (3x the amount as last year's in-person college fair) will be in attendance.  Students will be able to get admission, audition and financial aid information directly related to their discipline.  This free event is open to all BHS students who are considering a college performing arts program but especially juniors and seniors. Attend as many sessions as you'd like and you may even schedule one-on-one interview sessions with schools if you wish.   





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    Thespian Troupe 5093 - A Silver Level Honor Troupe - is the BHS chapter of the International Thespian Society, an honor society for drama students.  Students earn the designation of "thespian" and are inducted into the troupe after meeting the requirements as established by the ITS.  Any interested student should see Mr. Wahlers or Ms. Alexander.  Troupe 5093 holds virtual open meetings every Thursday at 1:30pm.


    Congratulations to our Fall 2020 Inductees

    Aixa Gonzalez

    Faith Lyons

    Lucy Negron Hall

    Kiara Opoku


    Meet Our State Thespian Officer: BHS Senior Galilea Estrada. 

    For the Third Year in a Row, BHS is Represented at the State Level

    A New Jersey State Thespian Officer (STO) is part of the leadership team that produces the New Jersey Thespian Festival. This elite group of students pick the festival theme, plan the festival schedule and conduct leadership workshops. Other duties include ongoing outreach designed to inform New Jersey junior and senior high schools about the benefits of membership in the Educational Theatre Association and to increase the participation of these schools in the International Thespian Society (ITS). Each student member serves for one year.

    To be eligible, students must be an inducted thespian in good standing.  Students apply at the New Jersey State Thespian Festival in December and then go through an application process with resumes, cover letters and letters of reference.  The process ends with an in-person interview with senior STO's, the State Chapter Director and the STO Coordinator, Jason Wylie.

    Gali has been a member of BHS Thespian Troupe 5093 for 2 years, is a vocalist in the BHS Bees Knees a capella group and performs in all BHS Drama Society and Thespian production.  She has been active in the BHS Drama Society since the 9th grade. 

    New Jersey Thespians is the state chapter of the International Thespian Society, part of the Educational Theatre Association.  It's mission is to promote, strengthen and advocate for theatre arts education in New Jersey schools.  For more information go to  www.njthespians.org .




  • Want to take Musical Theatre Class?  

    Musical Theatre I

    Musical Theatre I is a beginner course in acting, singing, and dancing that focuses on musical theatre history and repertoire from 1900-1960 as well as musical theatre technique and performance.  Students work on basic acting, music and movement skills. The focus of MT1 is on collaboration, problem solving, critical analysis and performance.

    • Prerequisite:  None
    • Grade Level: 9-11
    • Course Length: Full Year


    Musical Theatre II

    Musical Theatre II is an intermediate course in acting, singing, and dancing that focuses on contemporary musical theatre styles from 1970- present.  Heavy emphasis is placed on character development, performance skills and dance technique. Students are required to audition for BHS Drama productions and work on the end of year dance concert.

    • Prerequisite: Musical Theatre I
    • Grade Level: 10-12
    • Course Length: Full Year


    Musical Theatre III

    Musical Theatre III is an advanced course focusing primarily on the various dance styles in musicals. Students continue to build their repertoire of music and scenework related to contemporary themes in musicals but focus on dance styles commonly used in musicals as well as notable choreographers in the genre.  Heavy emphasis is placed on character development, performance skills and dance technique. Students are required to audition for school musical productions and work on the end of year dance concert. This course is repeatable for credit.

    • Prerequisite: Musical Theatre II
    • Grade Level: 11-12
    • Course Length: Full Year


    Musical Theatre IV

    New this year! Musical Theatre IV is an advanced course for senior MT students focusing on the technical and practical aspects of musical theatre and it's current role in society.  Students continue to hone their performance skills but focus transitions from academic processes to real-life applications for career readiness such as theatre jobs behind the scenes (technical, artistic, front of house, etc.) and how to prepare for college and a career in the arts. 

    • Prerequisite: Musical Theatre III
    • Grade Level: 12
    • Course Length: Full Year