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     Field of Heroes


    September Message


    Dear Parents and Guardians:


    Welcome back! I hope everyone is healthy and doing as best as they can given the crazy times in which we live. I also hope everyone was able to find time to relax this summer by spending quality time with friends and family. And I hope everyone is ready for the new school year.


    To support virtual instruction, the District is embracing Schoology, a cutting-edge online learning platform. Over the summer, teachers spent countless hours learning this program so they can best teach your children. You will hear lots about Schoology over the coming month.  


    The Social Studies Department has also expanded its partnership with the DBQ Project. As a result, all students in Grades 4-12 will have access to DBQ Online,, an excellent educational tool that supports critical thinking, reading and writing. Additionally, K-3 teachers are receiving a wonderful array of diverse picture books to support their teaching of civics, history, geography, and economics. 


    Please know that this month we will honor the heroes of 9/11 while remembering the victims and their families. Many of our teachers do a particularly wonderful job teaching about 9/11 and they all highly recommend the 9/11 Tribute Museum, a lesser known but immensely meaningful institution in lower Manhattan, Never Forget! 


    On September 17, we will celebrate Constitution Day, the day the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed that historic document. Click on the following link for more information about the U.S. Constitution:


    Additionally, September offers us an opportunity to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and the diversity that makes Bayonne such a special place. Click on the following link to find more information about this celebration,


    Last year brought more than its fair share of challenges. Unfortunately, the pandemic continues to radically alter how we live and how we go to school but whatever challenges this year may hold, we remain dedicated to helping all of our children to learn and to grow. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns you may have. Be well, Stay Safe and Have a Wonderful Year!



    Dan Ward

    Director of Social Studies