• We strive to provide a nurturing environment in which all children can flourish and grow and enhance their self-worth.

       We care about and accept responsibility for all of the children within our school family.

       We strive to meet the individual needs of all of our children.

       We believe in our ability to create programs and secure the resources required to meet our needs.

       We believe in our ability to solve problems.

       We respect one another and believe in setting and modeling appropriate behavioral standards for all students.

    We strive for academic excellence in a stimulating school environment.

       We try to instill in all children a love for learning.

       We value problem-solving skills and critical-thinking skills.

       We value creative expression in all of the arts.

       We believe instruction should be relevant to children’s lives.

       We value bright, attractive, inviting, and stimulating classrooms.

       We continually examine our curriculum and instructional practices to ensure educational growth and the best possible program for children.

    We value close ties among children, staff, parents, and the community.

       We value frequent contact between parents and staff to ensure a connection with all aspects of school life.

       We value the mutual sense of appreciation within the school community.

       We work together and plan whole-school experiences as well as activities across grade levels.

       We strive for mutual understanding and respect between the school and the community.