Bayonne School District

Building a Caring, Learning Community

Griffin WFR Griffin 2

  95 West 31 Street  Bayonne, NJ 07002
Phone - 201-858-5964  Fax - 201-858-5845
Congratulations to Ana Maria Gomez, 
Dr. Walter F. Robinson Community School
Teacher of the Year 2016-17!
Maryann Connelly
Asst. Principal
Areta Costello

Anti-Bullying Specialist
Leslie Cirillo
(201) 436-5160 
Sandra D'Angelo
(201) 858-2178 
 School Nurse
Natalie Visone
(201) 858-5966 
Secretary Milena Fowler
Robinson School consists of Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8.  The administrators work closely with their dedicated and professional staff, highly motivated students, and a very supportive Parents-Teachers Council. 

School Motto: "The Royals Believe, That's Why We Achieve"
School Colors: Royal Blue and Yellow
School Nickname: Robinson Royals
School Mascot: Griffin

Mission Statement 
   Robinson School's mission is to provide equal educational opportunities for all students commensurate with their needs, abilities, and diverse cultural backgrounds.  We promote the philosophy that a cooperative partnership exist between home and school.  This teamwork fosters a climate in which good human relations can flourish and intellectual growth can occur. 
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