The Bayonne Board of Education recognizes that each pupil's mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of the pupil's personal style and individual preferences.  The Board will impose its judgment on pupils and parents or legal guardians only when a pupil's dress and grooming affect the educational program of the schools.
    Pupils may not wear clothing or engage in grooming practices that present a health or safety hazard to the individual pupil or to others; materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program; cause excessive wear or damage to school property; or prevent the pupil from achieving his or her own education objectives because of blocked vision or restricted movement.  The building principal shall determine whether the dress or grooming of pupils comes within these prohibitions.
    All students are required to arrive at school each day well groomed and neatly dressed in a mandatory uniform.  It is the student's responsibility to dress according to the approved and reasonable regulations of the Bayonne Board of Education.
    With the above in mind, these specific guidelines have been developed for students in grades 9 through 12:
    Clothing and Accessories:
    1. Are to be neat, clean, worn as intended, and of proper fit.
    2. Should neither expose the wearers or others to the possibility of physical harm or injury.
    3. Should not be frayed, tattered, or torn.
    4. Long or wide pants must not touch the floor as to become a possible safety hazard.
    5. All denim/jeans are not permitted.
    6. Sharp, studded, or extreme jewelry worn on or about the body is prohibited.
    7. Pants, skirts, or shorts that are so low cut as to be judged immodest are not to be worn.  Shorts or skirts must reach mid-thigh or extend beyond the fingertips of the wearer, whichever is longer.  Athletic shorts, beachwear, and lycra/spandex are not to permitted.
    8. Sleepwear/flannel pants are not permitted.
    9. Hats, sunglasses, goggles, costume contact lenses, headbands/sweatbands or bandannas are not permitted.  Bandannas are not to be worn on or about any part of the student's body or clothing.  The wearing of headwear inside the building is prohibited except for religious purposes or health reasons with notice from the vice principal.  While inside the building students are required to keep hats in their backpacks or lockers.  
    10. Footwear should not promote a safety hazard to the wearer or others.  They must have a back and laces tied.  Flip-flops, plastic beach thongs, excessively high heels, platform shoes, or backless slides are not permitted.
    11. Coats are not to be worn during class time
    12. Though not part of students' school attire, it is noted that electronic devices including, but not limited to, iPod/MP3 players, handheld games and any type of headset are not permitted to used during the school day or carried in the building.
    Mandatory Uniform:
    • Golf (polo), oxford, crew neck, mock turtleneck, regular turtleneck, & sweatshirts
    • Shirts/tops without collars must have a t-shirt style crew neck
    • All shirts/tops must have long or short sleeves
    • All shirts/tops must be SOLID WHITE, BLACK, GREY, or GARNET (maroon)
    • All shirts/tops must have a school logo "B" in block lettering, permanently affixed
    • Logo may NOT be applied to a non-uniform shirt
    • If uniform outwear such as v-neck or cardigan sweater is worn, the shirt/top underneath must be of uniform policy
    • Pants, shorts, skorts must be SOLID BLACK or KHAKI
    • No jeans or denim material
    • Any style is permitted as long as it conforms to current policy on length and proper fit
    **NOTE: Non-uniform outerwear may be worn to and from school, but may not be worn during class periods.
    Exemptions from Uniform Policy 
    A student may be exempt from compliance with the Uniform Policy in the following situations:
    1.  Accommodation will be made when it is demonstrated that the uniform, or components of the uniform, would interfere with a student's sincerely held religious beliefs.  It will be determined on a case by case basis and is to be handled in the same manner as a request for a religious exemption to the dress and grooming policy that prohibits students from wearing hats in school.
    2. A student who has a medical condition that prevents them from coming into contact with the materials contained in the school uniform will be allowed to wear a uniform of alternative materials or non-uniform clothing upon presentation of proper medical documentation approved by the Chief Medical Inspector of the school district.
    Uniform Policy Enforcement--See Student Handbook 
    Bayonne School District Uniforms can be purchased at the following locations:
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