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    Welcome to Early Childhood Education

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Entrance into preschool is an important and exciting step in your child’s education. Preschool is a very important year in a child’s school life. It serves as a link between home and school. In preschool your child will make adjustments, develop habits and share experiences, which will make it easier to acquire greater knowledge and skills.
    The Bayonne School District currently offers half day preschool in all of our 11 elementary schools for four year old children. Additionally, we offer 1 fee-based full day preschool at Nicholas Oresko Community School.  Our preschools are designed to meet the various interests and needs of young children. We welcome you to review the information within our website which help explain the various aspects of the program and hopefully, will answer many of your questions.

    Best wishes as you and your child embark on this new phase of life and learning.