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    Welcome to Early Childhood Education

    Dear Voyager:

    Whether you come to our early childhood, pre-K through 3rd grade, program as a student, parent, teacher, educational assistant or other supporter, welcome.

    As we embark upon a new school year, let us delight in the voyage ahead as we set sail together toward educational achievement and meaningful/rewarding play. As the Bayonne Board Of Education maps out this school year, remember that the Early Childhood Program rests on a philosophy that such achievement and play are not separate islands far removed from one another but mutually re-enforcing channels that we will travel successfully and joyfully together.

    Each month in this space we will highlight our important themes for the next thirty days, and let you know of programs and events of interest. Here, in this month of September, our theme is obviously one of both welcome and anticipation of the journey we will take together. Please be assured that getting each of you comfortably integrated into our school setting will remain the focus of our attention, and we look forward to letting you know the ports of call that we will visit as our educational voyage gets underway.



    Monica Flynn, Director