• Google Apps for Education

    The Bayonne Board of Education is committed to providing educational experiences that will prepare our children for college and career readiness. We recognize that the path to attaining higher education and careers in a competitive global society is through authentic learning experiences and daily use of technology. Therefore we are delighted to inform you of a very exciting endeavor our students and staff are embarking upon this spring... Bayonne Public Schools are going Google! We decided to “go Google” after careful consideration of our obligation to meet students’ needs and provide them with the necessary technology to help them become successful 21st Century learners. 

    With this in mind, we will be providing each student in grades 3 through 12 with the Acer C720 Chromebook during the Spring of 2014. Chromebooks are a cost effective Internet based laptop and have been financed by the Bayonne Board of Education. At 11 inches, the Chromebook’s size and weight is a nice fit for students of all ages. In addition, the Chromebook takes a mere 7 seconds to power up and it’s battery lasts an average of 8.5 hours, making it an efficient tool for instruction throughout the entire school day.

    Students will use their assigned Chromebook throughout each school day as a supplement to their curriculum learning. In the elementary schools, the Chromebooks will be assigned from student homerooms daily, carried throughout the day to all classes in protective carrying bags, and returned to the homeroom cart for charging and storage before dismissal. In Bayonne High School, students will have access to Chromebooks in each ELA and Math class for the remainder of this year.

    All staff and students will also be given a free Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account. These accounts can be used anywhere, from any Internet ready device, at anytime, providing students with a wide array of learning tools designed to engage and excite them in their education. Although Chromebooks will only be used in schools, GAFE accounts rely on cloud based technology and will allow students to work in school as well as at home. Students will be able to collaborate with teachers and peers through “shared” access to specific Google Apps (Drive, Mail, Calendar, Sites, and Books) depending on their grade level.

    By implementing Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education we are providing students with opportunities to communicate, collaborate, research, and explore. These skills are the hallmarks of 21st Century Education and most successful when implemented through technology rich learning experiences. This implementation is a turning point for educators and students alike, and we are eager to join the many districts around the state and country that have “gone Google”.