Vocational Education

  • Thomas Jacobson, Director



    Programs of Study

    Foods & Nutrition  w/Diego Arellano

    In VOGUE   w/Chickie Panaccione

    Dynamics of Public Health Services  w/ Janet Lojewski RN

    Clinical Health Skills  w/ Janet Lojewski RN

    Construction Trades  w/  Bill Lawson / Bill Smith

    Plumbing I & II  w/ Bill Smith 

    Carpentry I, II, III  w/Greg Cea / John McGuckin

    Welding I, II, III  w/ Brian Beebe

    Automotive w/ James Topolewski


    Hudson Tech-Vocational Post Secondary Programs at BHS

    • HANDYMAN: 5wks Carpentry, 5wks Plumbing, 5wks Electricity  w/ Bill Smith (Trades Coordinator/ NJ Master Plumber)
    • A/C Refrigeration I/II: 15wks each  w/ Bruce McDermott (NJ Lic HVAC Tech)
    • CARPENTRY I/II: 15wks each w/ Juan Martinez (Journeyman Carpenter)
    • ELECTRIC I/II: 15wks each w/ Felix Torres (Journeyman Electrician)
    • Adv ELECTRIC yr II, III, IV: full year (150hrs) Apprenticeship Training
    • PLUMBING I/II: 15wks each w/Bill Smith  (NJ Lic Master Plumber)
    • Adv PLUMBING yr II, III, IV: full year (150hrs) Apprenticeship Training
    • Basic ELECTRIC for ESL students: 15wks  w/ Fernando Quijano
    **See Bill Smith (House 6) G7 for more information
    Bill Smith - Building/Construction Trades Coordinator
    HCST - Bayonne Campus (BHS)
    Post Secondary Education



  • Gregory Cea - GCea@bboed.org

    William Lawson - WLawson2@bboed.org 

    John McGuckin - JMcGuckin@bboed.org

    Rose Panaccione - RPanaccione@bboed.org

    Brian Beebe - BBeebe@bboed.org

    William Smith - WSmith@bboed.org

    Diego Arellano - darellano@bboed.org

    Janet Lojewski - jlojewski@bboed.org

    James Topolewski - jtopolewski@bboed.org