P.G.Vroom Community School 
    "Home of the Dragons"  
    Dragon Vroom School   Dragon
    18 West 26th Street, Bayonne, NJ 07002
    P-201-858-5956  F-201-858-5562
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    Welcome Vroom School Family!  
    Please review important correspondence in the Digital Backpack located to the left of this homepage.  
    Mrs. Stacey Janeczko, Principal
     Mrs. Sandra D'Angelo, School Counselor/Anti-Bullying Specialist
    Allison Conway <aconway@bboed.org>
    Ms. Allison Conway, School Nurse
    201-858-5958  aconway@bboed.org
    Mrs. Barbara Weaver, School Secretary


    The Philip G Vroom Community School consists of staff, students and its families,  in addition to group individuals, working together as we endeavor to advance every child under our care. Through our safe and supporting condition, we build up each child's passionate, social, scholarly, and physical prosperity. We are devoted to maintaining a learning environment that shows critical thinking, encourages, and advances scholarly greatness inside the structure of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. As a group, we discover quality in our decent variety. We will focus on building up the whole child through the development and enhancement of students skills in order for the students to address and prepare for the challenges of our ever-changing society and the future. 

    Our Motto:

    “Vroom School, Where We Study Not For School But For Life”