• Welcome to
    John M. Bailey Community School, No. 12
    75 West 10th Street  Bayonne, New Jersey
    201- 858-5824
    "Home of the Eagles"
    "Soaring to New Heights"

    Albert McCormick, Jr. - Principal  amccormick@bboed.org 

    Lyndia Santiago-Hayes - Assistant Principal lhayes@bboed.org

    Mark Steinman - Coordinator, BD Program  msteinman@bboed.org

    Michele Cotter - Secretary  mcotter@bboed.org

    Elizabeth Loffio - Nurse  eloffio@bboed.org

    Dana Skrocki - Guidance Counselor/Anti-Bullying Specialist  dskrocki@bboed.org

    John M. Bailey Community School Vision

        In their pursuit of wisdom, the students of John M Bailey School will discover something of value in themselves and return it to society. Our school will provide a safe, functional environment conducive to learning and development of self-esteem. Faculty and staff will strive to achieve their maximum potential, model lifelong learning and positive values, and display understanding, empathy, and respect for all members of the school community.
          We believe that education is the foundation of life successes. Therefore, our mission is to encourage, guide and support all students to reach their highest potential and become lifelong learners contributing to society. In order to accomplish  this mission our school will work cooperatively with students, parents, and the community.

     Shared Values
    Members of the John M Bailey School community should hold the following values in common:
    • Education is the foundation for life success
    • To provide a safe environment conducive to learning
    • All children can learn
    • Excellence for each individual can be achieved through high expectations
    • Learning is a continuous process
    • Education is a combined effort - parents, students, teachers, and community working together
    Congratulations to Teacher of the Year for 2016-2017
     Margaret Mondanaro