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    The Bayonne Public Schools are dedicated to helping children develop into active and engaged citizens who possess a respect for, and a knowledge of the past. To those ends, the Social Studies program of the Bayonne Schools places an emphasis on critical thinking, writing, and the knowledge of key events, phenomena, and peoples that have shaped the world in which we live. 
    In order to achieve these ambitious goals, children will spend the early years learning about their immediate world. As they progress through the grades, students will study the various regions of the United States as well as state and local history. By middle school, they will have begun an exploration of the United States and world history. This will continue at Bayonne High School where they will spend a year in an in-depth study of the modern world and two years studying the history of our nation. Throughout all of these courses, students will work with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards as they explore geography, economics, civics and history. We also supplement this curriculum with a host of electives at Bayonne High School. For example, BHS offers Advanced Placement classes along with courses such as Sociology, Psychology, Economics and the like. Moreover, the Bayonne Schools pride themselves on providing students with authentic learning opportunities. As such, students will have the opportunity to participate in various contests such as the Geography Bee, the We the People Constitution Competition and National History Day. We are confident that this program of studies will help all of our children to develop into knowledgeable and competent citizens of the United States and the world.