Kim T. DeMedici
    Anna M. Maillaro
    Assistant Supervisor-High School
    Mark A. Steinman
    Acting Assistant Supervisor-Elementary

    Noreen Bednarczyk - Administrative Assistant

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    Annie Wzorek - Administrative Assistant

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    Lara Olesen - Administrative Assistant

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    Fran Alessi - Adminstrative Assistant

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    As a new school year begins, we hope you had plenty of opportunities to relax, 

    and create wonderful memories with your children.

    Throughout this school year, we look forward to providing your children with an educational programming that will

    best meet their individual needs in the social, emotional and academic domains.

    Teachers and related service providers will participate in a wide array of professional development throughout the year. These

    workshops will provide our staff with innovative instructional practices, strategies and techniques in order to enhance the

    overall learning experiences and allows children to met with success. Parent training sessions will also be available to assist

    families and continue to build positive working relationships between school and home.

    The department is also looking forward to implementing additional programs to enhance the overall learning environment

    for all students.

    We look forward to a positive and productive school year.


    Kim T. DeMedici- Supervisor of Special Services

    Anna M. Maillaro- Assistant Supervisor of Special Services- High School

    Mark A. Steinman- Acting Assistant Supervisor of Special Services- Elementary