• Dear Friend, 

    Since our district sits in the shadow of the Statue Of Liberty, we should remember always to live up to the ideals of “world-wide welcome” at the center of her famous poem. It is with that spirit that we welcome you to the 2017-18 academic term for the ESL/Bilingual Program for the Bayonne Board of Education. Whether you are a student, a parent, a teacher, educational assistant or other supporter of our program, we welcome you because you today call Bayonne home regardless of where your home was yesterday. That is our ethos and our ethic as we begin this school year.

    From the many and diverse languages that our students bring to our community we seek to create a single and unified school community. In teaching English as a second language we seek still to respect and celebrate student’s first language, both in themselves and the cultures they represent. In our enhanced understanding of each we better understand our own, and create the shared experience and shared expressions that can bind our new community together in its rich diversity.

    Each month in this space we will highlight our important themes for the next thirty days, and let you know of programs and events of interest. Here, in this month of September, our theme is obviously one of both welcome and diversity as we celebrate the best of the ongoing renewal that new citizens bring to our community. Please be assured that getting each of you comfortably integrated into our school setting will remain the focus of our attention, and we look forward to letting you know the specific events and undertakings that we will mark our educational calendar along the way.

    Monica Flynn, Director