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    A Message from the Assistant Superintendent


    This school year, the Title 1 program will be transitioning to a school-wide program.  This new program, funded by federal monies, will allow Title 1 Academic Interventionists to provide additional resources and services to those students who are most at-risk in Kindergarten through Grade 4. After comprehensive needs assessments are administered, parents will be informed if their child becomes eligible for these services and what those services might look like in addition to their everyday classroom instruction. There will also be a Title I Schoolwide Orientation Meeting later this fall. Title One Academic Interventionists, who are all Highly Qualified teachers, will use scientifically-based research and Best Practices to work with students in their classrooms, in small groups, or individually. Parents will be kept informed of their child’s progress on a continual basis. We encourage high parental involvement and feedback throughout this intervention process as we feel students will benefit best when we all work together for their success.


    The Fundations Program continues to be implemented throughout the district in Kindergarten through Grade 2.  Fundations emphasizes a systematic approach to teaching foundational skills focusing on phonemic awareness, phonics, and word study. Students reinforce their knowledge of tricky words (high frequency words), and strengthen their segmenting and blending of words by learning to identify digraphs, blends, vowel teams, and apply their knowledge of syllabication.  These key skills play an integral role in early reading development.


    This September began the implementation of two new programs for mathematics and science - Go Math! and Science Dimensions. Both programs are aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and incorporate a differentiated, interactive approach to teaching mathematics and science.  Teachers have been receiving ongoing professional development training in these innovative programs.


    Parent workshops will continue to be held throughout the school year.  Flyers will be sent home informing parents when these workshops will be taking place in their child’s elementary school.  Please note that the Title 1 Department website, which can be found on the Bayonne Board of Education webpage, has a number of suggested educational websites, apps, and book recommendations.


    I look forward to an exciting 2019-2020 school year!


    Dr. Dennis C. Degnan

    Assistant Superintendent

    Curriculum & Instruction, Federal and State Programs