Happy fall! I trust that everyone is off to an excellent start and that the Bayonne Fine and Performing Arts Programs are meeting all of your needs. As we near the second month of school, I want to take this opportunity to encourage all students to become involved in extra curricular activities. Whether arts or performance programs, athletics, or any of the many opportunities available to students in Bayonne, it is imperative that you get involved.

    There is something to be learned in each and every endeavor a student participates in, and while making time to study and complete homework, involvement in extra curricular programs is an invaluable experience that students will cherish for years to come. Please take a moment to click on the tabs below and see what programs and events are coming from The Bayonne Fine & Performing Arts Department and consider becoming involved. As William Ward said, “ Learn while others are sleeping”, get out and get involved you will recognize the change in your life immediately!


    Best regards,

     Tim Craig

    Director of Fine & Performing Arts





     Mr. Timothy Craig, Director                                                                                                                                                             Patricia Squitieri, Secretary
             201-858-5883                                                                                                                                                                                          201-243-1119


    The mission of the Bayonne High School Business Education Department is to provide relevant and authentic learning opportunities in Business, Finance, and Technology related fields to prepare students for success in the rapidly changing 21st century global community. These opportunities will serve to guide and prepare students to think critically, work collaboratively with others, and build leadership capacity. Motivated students will build a strong foundation in preparation for college and career opportunities in Business and Finance.

    Business Education Department Goals:

    1. Develop a knowledge base of the principles of Business, Finance, Technology, and related 21st Century Career Areas.
    2. Develop an understanding of methods, resources, and strategies in Business Education.
    3. Increase comprehension and awareness through problem-solving, critical analysis, and communication.