• Khan Academy

    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy offers free courses and quizzes for a variety of subjects. Of specific relevance to the English Department are Khan Academy's Grammar and SAT Preparation courses. Students will love the modern organization, informative yet concise format, and its interactive and responsive features. Parents will also enjoy the resources specifically created for them as well.

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  • Purdue Online Writing Lab

    Purdue Online Writing Lab

    Purdue University maintains a well-known and trusted website for their writing labs, which they graciously make available to the public. This website is the one most BHS teachers use for up to date information on MLA formatting, as well as other writing tips. This is a great resource for students seeking to improve the basics at the high school level.

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  • Harvard Writing Center

    Harvard Writing Center

    This is a good place for more advanced writing tips. If you are already a great writer, but seeking to level up- it is for you!

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  • What is the Difference Between Summary and Analysis?

    What is the Difference Between Summary and Analysis?

    Many students struggle to understand the difference between these two. Teachers of BHS want to encourage students to think more deeply and go beyond a simple summary. This is a great basic list of differences.

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  • Steps to Creating an Effective Thesis Statement

    Steps to Creating an Effective Thesis Statement

    Without one, you do not have a solid essay. A thesis statement is so important, you need to get it right. This article is from Harvard's Writing Center. It shows you how to create a thesis step by step and explains why it is such an important part of your essay.

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  • Revising and Editing

    Revising and Editing

    Read Write Think is the pre-eminent website for reading and English teachers from elementary to high school. They also offer great how-to guides! This one on revising and editing is one you will use again and again- if you want your papers to be the best they can be!

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  • Sample MLA Formatted Essay

    Sample MLA Formatted Essay

    This is a direct link to a sample MLA style essay. Please note the title page, numbering, parenthetical citations, and Works Cited page!

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  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    Every student needs access to a dictionary they can trust and Merriam-Webster is the classic. In 1806, Noah Webster published the first American Dictionary! At the time, American English was highly regional with many different dialects and we owe the fact that we have one common English language in part to Webster's accomplishment.

    Merriam-Webster also offers resources for those who speak English as a second language and offers help pronouncing words. They even maintain an active social media presence.

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  • Literary Devices

    Literary Devices

    Did you know there was a website that listed hundreds of literary devices and definitions all in one place? Literarydevices.net has all the literary devices you need to study in one place.

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  • Grammar Help

    Grammar Help

    While the best way to develop strong grammar skills is actually to simply read often (seeing proper grammar in print frequently), Grammarly is a helpful tool to have. This app highlights some common grammar mistakes- in every single website or program you use! You just download it to your device. Although it is free, it only corrects more advanced errors if you subscribe.

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  • The Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers

    The Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers

    One of the most common questions parents ask is how they can help improve their child's reading comprehension. AdLit.org offers seven research based strategies that are a great starting point!

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  • Notice and Note Reading Strategies

    Notice and Note Reading Strategies

    This is an extremely condensed version (in bookmark form!) of the six "signposts" all readers should look for while reading. If your child has difficulty prioritizing, or isn't sure what is important to remember and what isn't, this is a fantastic tool that is quick to implement.

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  • The Folger Shakespeare Library

    The Folger Shakespeare Library

    The Folger Shakespeare Library is the best place for information on Shakespeare in the United States. In addition to having a real library that offers amazing educational experiences, their website is the best resources for information on Shakespeare and his plays. They are also passionate about making the real Shakespearean language accessible to teenagers, so try this site before looking for a quick and easy translation. This one will help you actually understand the real thing!

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  • Discovery


    Discovery offers homework help videos for students of all ages. A few of these videos offer helpful content for grades 9-12.

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  • Avoiding Plagiarism

    Avoiding Plagiarism

    Plagiarism is a serious offense. Students who have plagiarized have suffered the consequences, including college students being expelled, scholarships lost. At Bayonne High School, we also understand the seriousness of this offense. Please take all the necessary steps to avoid committing plagiarism.

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  • Tips for Writing College Admissions Essays

    Tips for Writing College Admissions Essays

    It is one of the ultimate tests of your writing ability: write an essay responding to a prompt with minimal explanation. These prompts frequently ask you to describe an experience in your life or who you are. The goal is to see how you choose and organize words to talk about yourself. While the best tip is to have confidence and be honest, sometimes we need a little more guidance! This list of tips is a thoughtful one from Khan Academy.

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