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Shop With A Cop-Little Boho Bookshop

Bayonne student Jayna was nominated by Mrs. Harrington, reading specialist at Harris Community School, for the special “Shop with A Cop” event that recently took place at the Little Boho Bookshop. Unfortunately, due to a medical condition and the extra precautions necessary during COVID-19, Jayna was unable to attend. Sandra Dear, shop owner, made arrangements for her to come to the bookstore when no one else was there to pick out her books and stuffed animals. Mrs. Harrington stopped by, waved and spoke with Jayna from afar. This is the first time Jayna was able to go into a store since March. Thank you to both of these exceptional ladies for making Jayna feel special. Please check out The Little Boho Bookshop, or visit them online, for your next read and to support local business. It is people like Sandra Dear with her amazing little book shop who make Bayonne a wonderful and caring community!

The Little Boho Bookshop Jayna and shop owner, Sandra Mrs. Harrington, Teacher