September 2017


The Bayonne Board of Education Mathematics Department is excited to embark on a new school year. Our success is based on the student success. Together with high quality teachers, motivated students, supportive families and strong school leadership, we will work to ensure every student is provided an opportunity to succeed.


Students were provided a summer bridges math packet at the end of the school year. The packet is posted on the BBOED home page if in the event it was misplaced. The intent of the summer math bridges assignment is to reinforce previous math topics, move forward with new math vocabulary and provide challenging critical thinking questions. The assignment is due to the student’s math teacher on Monday, September 18, 2017. The summer bridges assignment provides students the opportunity to earn a maximum of 10 points on their first assessments. Student are required to show work for credit.  If in the event the student does not complete the summer assignment, they will not be able to earn the 10 extra points on the first assessment. Together, we should strive to support students appreciation for practicing mathematics.   


Every spring the students in grades 3-8 Math, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II participate in the New Jersey State assessment, called the PARCC. The PARCC is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. These scores will be shared with parents early this fall. Students participation in the PARCC assessments is important for many reasons. The PARCC is used as a standardized assessment to meet New Jersey Department of Education graduation requirements and the scores are carefully reviewed in the math department along with other measures to ensure students are progressing appropriately. The math department uses many measures to target areas for individual student growth and to identify where a student mastered content so that more challenging work can be provided. The PARCC is one of those measures.  


The Mathematics Department is focused on providing students many opportunities to expand their math knowledge. The students are provided a math textbook and an online textbook. There are also additional online math supports for students to engage with quality math lessons and practices. The recommended online supports are posted on the math department webpage based on grade level needs. For the younger students, the department’s goal is to ensure students are proficient in math fact fluency. Practicing math facts is fun and important for young students. Extensive research shows that math fact automaticity is a critical part of a strong math education.


Special math events will take place during the school year to celebrate mathematics. Events include, but are not limited to: Pi Day, 100th day of school, Math Olympiad, American Math Competition and Math Madness.


The Mathematics Department offers students a rigorous math curriculum and assessments that align to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Math is a vehicle to improve a person’s intellectual competence, and together we will work to help all learners grow. We encourage you to use the Math Department webpage and share your love of mathematics.   



Best Regards,



Dawn Aiello


Director of Mathematics K-12