2022 NJNHD Finalists

“NHD…It’s not just a day…it’s an experience”

2022 NJNHD Finalists: Congratulations to everyone and good luck at the State Finals in May.

Vasily Schirta

Bayonne High School Senior Categories

Teacher:  Mr. Kashmer

Senior Group Websites:

Students: Barsina Abdy, Veronica Kamel, Karen Metry

Topic: Camp David Accords: A Cold Peace

Students:  Jason Chen, Abigail Kadir, Stephanie Ramkelawan

Topic:  Women’s Suffrage Movement:  The Long Term Fight for Women’s Rights

Senior Individual Documentary

Student:  Peter John Ghaly-Said

Topic: “Peace With Honor”:  The Diplomatic Solution to the Vietnam War

Senior Individual Exhibit

Student: Brandon Crispino

Topic:  Civil Rights Movement: The Fight for Desegregation

Senior Group Exhibit

Students:  Mia Bernardo and Grace Marafioti

Topic:  The Debate of the Annexation of Hawaii

Teacher: James Murphy

Senior Paper

Student: Nicholas Maharah

Topic:  Tinker v. Des Moines: An Apt Example that Debate is Vital for Change

Student:  Alyssia Ouchocine

Topic:  The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: A Tale of Two Enemies

Senior Individual Website

Student: Nourelidin Elhelw

Topic: Husayn-McMahon Correspondence

Senior Individual Documentary

Student: Aedan Porcaro

Topic: The Great Coal Strike of 1902

Teacher: Keri Toomey

Senior Paper

Student: Vasily Schirta

Topic:  The Berlin Wall

Walter F. Robinson Community School

Teacher:  John Hall

Junior Group Website

Students: Aiden Crespo, Jharen Laimague, Alessandra O’Donnell

Topic: The Clinton 12

Junior Individual Performance

Student: Lena Wilson

Topic: Debating Civil Rights: United States During the 1960’s

Junior Group Documentary

Students: Timothy Conroy, Mena Ibrahim, Patrick LaCroix, Anthony Salib, Macro Waghem

Topic: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Lincoln Community School

Teacher:  Michael Hoffman

Junior Individual Documentary

Student: Youanna Adly

Topic:  The Struggle for Women's Suffrage


Woodrow Wilson Community School

Teacher: Ian McGowan

Junior Group Exhibit

Students:  Alexandra Costello, Sarai Cunningham, Bryanna Mallory, Sierra Wilson

Topic:  1869 Women’s Suffrage Movement

Nicholas Oresko Community School

Teacher: Gina Nowak

Junior Group Documentary

Students: Ryan Banatwala, Reece Carabellse, Ethan Mor, Francisco Rojas

Topic: Debate and Discussion in History: Frank Krameny

William Shemin Midtown Community School

Teacher: Robert Tonnenson

Junior Group Documentary

Students: Maria Iskander and Jonier Makar

Topic:  Law, Crime, and Lack of Time: The Tragic Story of the Radium Girls

Junior Group Exhibit

Students: Alyssa Ayala and Amen Chaudhry

Topic:  King Henry VIII and His Break with the Roman Catholic Church