• Here, you will find new books that are of interest to High School students.

    There are also links here to new and noteworthy books suggested by the

    Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the

    American Library Association (ALA).


    If you have a favorite author or book that you don't see on the shelves,

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    This month, I will be highlighting books that focus on the experiences

    of Latinos and Latin American youth, and they have something for everyone:

    mystery, romance, science fiction, autobiography, poetry,

    and lots of stories about quinceañeras!  The books listed below are in our

    library collection.  Click here for more titles to check out!


  • Cuba 15: A Novel

    by Nancy Osa Year Published:

    Violet Paz, a Chicago high school student, reluctantly prepares for her upcoming "quince," a Spanish nickname for the celebration of an Hispanic girl's fifteenth birthday.

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  • Don't Ask Me Where I'm From

    by Jennifer De Leon Year Published:

    Liliana Cruz does what it takes to fit in at her new nearly all-white school, but when family secrets come out and racism at school gets worse than ever, she must decide what she believes in and take a stand

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  • Labyrinth Lost

    by Zoraida Córdova Year Published:

    Alex is a bruja and the most powerful witch in her family. But she's hated magic ever since it made her father disappear into thin air. When a curse she performs to rid herself of magic backfires and her family vanishes, she must travel to Los Lagos, a land in-between as dark as Limbo and as strange as Wonderland, to get her family back.

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  • Red hot salsa : bilingual poems on being young and Latino in the United States

    by Lori Marie Carlson Year Published:

    Presents a collection of poems written in both Spanish and English on being young and Latino living up in the United States.

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  • Romiette and Julio

    by Sharon M. Draper Year Published:

    Romiette, an African-American girl, and Julio, a Hispanic boy, discover that they attend the same high school after falling in love on the Internet, but are harassed by a gang whose members object to their interracial dating.

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  • Stories from El Barrio

    by Piri Thomas Year Published:

    In this collection of short stories, Piri Thomas (author of the bestselling autobiography, Down These Mean Streets)  gives readers of all ages a vivid slice of the life in El Barrio—a place where people face their problems with energy, ingenuity and love. He draws vivid stories from his past experiences and makes us feel what it means to be poor and proud and generous; to be streetwise and full of bravado but frightened, too; to struggle to go straight; to be ashamed of being ashamed; to dream. Speaking in the voice of the streets and from his heart, Piri captures the spirit, the laughter and the hope of his people.

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  • The House on Mango Street

    by Sandra Cisneros Year Published:

    A young girl living in a Hispanic neighborhood in Chicago ponders the advantages and disadvantages of her environment and evaluates her relationships with family and friends.

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  • This Train Is Being Held

    by Ismee Williams Year Published:

    Told in two voices, ballet dancer and private school student Isabelle Warren and poet and baseball star Alex Rosario grow closer after meeting on a subway, bonding over their parents' expectations and their own dreams.

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  • Tortilla Flat

    by John Steinbeck Year Published:

    Adopting the structure and themes of the Arthurian legend, John Steinbeck created a “Camelot” on a shabby hillside above the town of Monterey, California, and peopled it with a colorful band of knights. At the center of the tale is Danny, whose house, like Arthur’s castle, becomes a gathering place for men looking for adventure, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging—men who fiercely resist the corrupting tide of honest toil and civil rectitude.

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  • Vengeance

    by Anne Schraff Year Published:

    When bullying and vandalism seem to be taking over at Cesar Chavez High School, Ernesto Sandoval, the senior class president, must decide how he will react.

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